About us:
Excellence At Every Phase
Over the years, PBA Holding Group has earned its unique. “WHAT AN EXPERIENCE” reputation. Our Destination Services Team is known for its dedication in all these phases, ranging from creative planning and risk management, to budget adherence and return-on-investment. Whether your business is large or small, you'll experience unparalleled professionalism, performance and the customer service for which we're renowned.

From a single component to orchestrating a grand event with a multitude of working parts, we're here to lend our expertise.

Founded in 2002, PBA Holding Group specializes in PANAMA, and no matter when your next meeting is held, we have professionals ready to carry out that most important personalized relationship with you. PBA Holding Group is known to have delivered flawless service execution, unmatched local knowledge and quality assurance practices.

And as a spin off of the original GROUP concept, we now also undertake private tours for individual Guests.
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  • Our "One-Stop-Shop" Meeting Planner & Destination Management
  • Innovative program design and development
  • Local knowledge providing an authentic destination experience
  • Our commitment guaranteed in writing
  • Individual private tours
  • Operational excellence based on best practices and continuous
  • Dependable, highly experienced "single-point-of-contact"
  • Guests testimonials are proof of our successful track record
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